August 1998

ReykjavikCatheralDay.jpg (135793 bytes) ReykjavikCatheralNight.jpg (134240 bytes) Reykjavik.jpg (209636 bytes) ReykjavikBuilding.jpg (172753 bytes) Reykjavik.  The second picture of the cathedral was taken after 11pm.
Viti.jpg (158268 bytes) MytvaExplosionCrater.jpg (90024 bytes) MytvaFissure.jpg (83391 bytes) MytvaThermalValley.jpg (72912 bytes) MytvaPseudocraters.jpg (47419 bytes) MytvaPseudocrater.jpg (76675 bytes) Thermal features around Lake Mytva.  Second picture shows an explosion crater created when an exploratory drilling mission found some pressurised steam.

Final two pictures show pseudocraters which are created when lava flows over water and the steam under the surface bursts through.


Dettifoss1.jpg (83387 bytes) Dettifoss2.jpg (67079 bytes) Hfragilfoss1.jpg (67608 bytes) Hfragilfoss2.jpg (81868 bytes)

Dettifoss, Europe's most powerfull waterfall and Hfragilfoss a quarter of a mile down river

ThreePuffins.jpg (127654 bytes) Puffins.jpg (205325 bytes)


JokulsarlonGlacialLake2.jpg (47294 bytes) JokulsarlonGlacialLake3.jpg (54509 bytes) JokulsarlonGlacialLake1.jpg (76572 bytes)

Jokulsarlon Glacial Lake

LavaFlow.jpg (112210 bytes) TurfRoofHouses.jpg (167993 bytes) StrokkurGeyser.jpg (155154 bytes)

Lava Flow at Thingvellir, turf-roofed houses in South Iceland and the Geyser Strokkur at Geysir

central.jpg (149108 bytes)

View from mountain pass in North East Iceland

Fallsjokull1.jpg (64262 bytes) Fallsjokull2.jpg (74890 bytes) Kviarjokull.jpg (71916 bytes) Skaftafellsjokull.jpg (96810 bytes)

Glaciers Fallsjokull (twice), Kviarjokull, Skaftafellsjokull

Skogafoss.jpg (183889 bytes) Seljalandsfoss2.jpg (171602 bytes) Svartifoss.jpg (240243 bytes) Godafoss.jpg (53985 bytes) Gullfoss.jpg (55119 bytes)

More waterfalls - Skogafoss, Seljalandsofoss, Svartifoss, Godafoss and Gullfoss

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