September 1995

Teotihuacan1.jpg (63001 bytes) Teotihuacan2.jpg (46722 bytes) A Teotihuacan Gargoyle

Teotihuacan: The Pyramid of the Sun and the Avenue of the Dead seen from the Pyramid of the Moon

BabyMummy.jpg (49418 bytes) mummy.jpg (40941 bytes) Mummies, Museo de las Momias, Guanajuato
OlmecHead.jpg (85718 bytes) Olmec Head, Parque Museo La Venta, Villahermosa
VendorWoman.jpg (66581 bytes) VendorWomen.jpg (95302 bytes) Vendors selling snacks to passengers on the Chihuaha Al Pacifico train near Copper Canyon.
BasaseachicFalls.jpg (68755 bytes) BasaseachicFallsBase.jpg (85574 bytes) The Baseseachic Falls near Copper Canyon, Nothern Mexico.
ChitzenItza.jpg (49845 bytes) palenque.jpg (81340 bytes) uxmal.jpg (67567 bytes) Chitzen Itza, Palenque and Uxmal.


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