October 1993

anapurna.jpg (44913 bytes) SwaddlingBaby.jpg (34319 bytes) RiceWoman.jpg (51021 bytes) BasketWeaver.jpg (51958 bytes) The Anapurna range and four of its inhabitants.
BoysPlayGame.jpg (43922 bytes) 3LittleLasses.jpg (90996 bytes) LittleLass.jpg (54788 bytes) Gaming, middle of the High Street, Pokhara

Three ladies pose for the camera on the bank of the River Trisuli

Stop!  Little lady in the road, Royal Chitwan National Park

PassersByKhatmandhu.jpg (48701 bytes) chap.jpg (63811 bytes) DoorwayKathmandhu.jpg (64230 bytes) BiggestTemple.jpg (42067 bytes) Passers by in Katmandhu

A Sadhu

Religious archway, Durbar Square, Kathmandhu

Bodhnath Stupa, Kathmandhu

rhino.jpg (47879 bytes) rhino2.jpg (51129 bytes) bikeboat.jpg (76091 bytes) Rhinoceri, Royal Chitwan National Park

The ferry across the Rapti at Sauraha, Royal Chitwan National Park, is a canoe.  How many bikes can you get in one canoe?


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