Sri Lanka

March 1999

beach.jpg (65035 bytes)  ColomboSmog.jpg (20339 bytes) Two alternative beach views:

One is a highly typical Sri Lankan beach setting. 

The other is a view of Colombo from Mount Lavinia, the smog almost completely hiding the city.

ChediAnuradhapura.jpg (84898 bytes) RuinAnuradhapura.jpg (78866 bytes) girl.jpg (91834 bytes)

The enormous Chedi at Anuradhapura

Ruined temple at Ponoruwa

Girl outside the Dambullah cave temples

monk.jpg (79064 bytes) tea.jpg (109175 bytes) Monk and Tea Pickers, Adam's Peak
langur.jpg (80120 bytes)

Pinnawela4.jpg (87248 bytes) Pinnawela.jpg (108541 bytes) Pinnawela2.jpg (84429 bytes) Pinnawela3.jpg (82535 bytes)

turtle1.jpg (75071 bytes) turtle2.jpg (74123 bytes)

Langur by the Diyaluma waterfall

Pinnawela, the elephant orphanage

Turtle laying eggs in the beach around 10.30pm

palmav.jpg (106492 bytes) tea2.jpg (127349 bytes) Waterfall.jpg (80845 bytes) Palm Avenue, Kandi botanical gardens

Tea plantation near Haputale

Sri Lanka's highest waterfall, the Diyaluma falls

Sri Lanka Marriage

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