October 1996

BabyGorilla.jpg (45484 bytes) Gorilla.jpg (48733 bytes)  

Silverback and baby Mountain Gorillas, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Elephant.jpg (39227 bytes) Hippo.jpg (57539 bytes) Bog.jpg (46844 bytes) Stork.jpg (44543 bytes) Animal and bird life in and around Queen Elizabeth National Park
Waterfall.jpg (64420 bytes) WaterfallBase.jpg (46201 bytes) Sipi falls in the foothills of Mount Elgon.
SharedTaxi.jpg (41777 bytes) RoadScene.jpg (60228 bytes) High Street, Kabale.
TrafficJam.jpg (53299 bytes) BoardingTaxi.jpg (59125 bytes) BananaBike1.jpg (45012 bytes) BananaBike2.jpg (56473 bytes) Slippery road north of Kabale.  Catching a taxi near Kibale Forest Primate Reserve. 

Eight, yes eight huge bunches of bananas on one pedal bike in Fort Portal.

Geyser.jpg (31762 bytes) Hotpool.jpg (47181 bytes) Thermal area, Semliki Valley next to the Rwenzori Range (the Mountains of the Moon).
FishingSourceOfNile.jpg (53041 bytes) WhiteStork.jpg (17882 bytes) BahaiTemple.jpg (49097 bytes) Fishing at the source of the Nile, Lake Victoria. 

White Stork on the Owen Falls Dam at Jinja.

Baha'i Temple, Kikaya Hill near Kampala.


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