Travel Results

(States only)


Some people don't think that Territories belonging to Independent States should be counted. So for them, heres a list which counts only the separate states visited. For this competition, visiting a Territory counts as visiting the country to which the Territory belongs. e.g. Visiting the Channel Islands counts as visiting the United Kingdom.

Nancy Dawrant 102
Matthew Murphy 62
Graham Booth 59
Sue Harkness 54
Robert Tickner 51
Ross Sneddon 50
Lucy Worrall 49
Bea Burton 46
Barbara Davies 45
Shaun Thomson 45
James Masters 45
Murray Longworth 44
Jane Rowley 40
Naomi Ernst 37
Mandy Norton 32
Mark Peet 29
Peter Hayward 29
Caroline Russell 25
Roy Masters 21
Beryl Masters 20
Sarah Gunton 20
Isabelle Dickson 10
Pete Rowley 5
Ella Vennik 5 (+4 in utero)
Xander Masters 4 (+2 in utero)
Harry Masters 3


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