Pocketeer Links and Credits

First, a big thanks to Ian Pleasance who's original page on Pocket Games inspired me to make these Pocketeer pages. 

More gratitude is extended to Jules Burt, an avid collector of all sorts of stuff and the owner of "Purple Haze Comics and Records" in Plymouth - a collectables shop.  Jules came across a large batch of UK TOMY pocket games in April 1999 which contributed much to our knowledge of UK games post-Pocketeer era.  He used to maintain a Classic Video Games Collection website but this no longer exists.

The complete list of games was made possible only because of a generous benefactor at Tomy. I am enormously grateful for this - without it, I'm not sure I would have ever figured out the final list of designs.

The Rev. Stuart Campbell has put together his perspective on pocket games.

Mag's Pocketmate site from Japan

Mag's old Pocketmate pages

A Japanese page which seems to concentrate on the recent Pocketmates re-release. Click on the link at the bottom of each page.


Other people who have sent me pictures of games or catalogue pages are: Darren Lumby who kindly scanned a whole load, Dave Churchill, Egbert Metz, Kevin Pease, Marie-Lyn Richard, Neil Williams, Robert Strudwick, Robert Korst, Carlos from Belgium, Joseph from France, Jackie Hart, Billy Boy Rodgers, Mag of Japan and last but not least Masako Shimizu of Japan.


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