The Complete List of Games

The following was originally based primarily on the games in an Internal Tomy Thailand catalogue and US Tomy trade catalogues I'd collected. Later, additions to my own collection, further trade catalogue info and auction watching removed all the uncertainties and I believe that this is now the definitive list.


The List of 76 Pocket Game Designs


Pocketmates, Pocket Games and Pocketeers

Of course, each one of the 76 designs have been marketed differently around the world. Many different clones or versions that look cosmetically different but are mechanically the same have been produced. The original games released in Japan are called Pocketmates and, although establishing a clear list of these has been difficult, I have now finished the list. In the USA during the same period, versions of some of the games were released called Tomy Pocket Games. In the UK, a licence was given to Palitoy who produced imaginative boxing for the games under the name 'Pocketeers'.

If you count versions of each design released in Japan, the USA and the UK and include the 3 slimline games, the total number is 249 games. Here is a summary:

Game Type Number of designs Number of games
UK Pocketeers 43 46
Tomy Pocket Games 58 71
Tomy Pocketmates (Japan) 72 + 3 slimline 129 + 3 slimline
73 + 3 slimline 246 + 3 slimline

The reason that the total Japanese designs is 1 less than the total is because no evidence for a Japanese Pocketmate version of "Scooterball" has ever been found and so it is assumed to have been a US-only game, the reasons for which are a mystery.

I have restricted this website to detailing the above 3 types of game but versions were released in other countries. Also, after the Pocketeer phase in the UK, Tomy Pocket Games started to be released in the UK in various guises and in the USA, the rights were sold to other companies to produce the games. I don't have the time or inclination to investigate these but for a brief summary, please see Other types of Tomy Pocket Game.

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