UK Pocketeers that did not appear as Tomy Pocket Games

Games which appeared as Japanese Pocketmates and which were released in the UK as Pocketeers but for which there is no evidence of a US Pocket Game version. It can't be a coincidence that these are the only 3 Pocketeers which open up to reveal games featuring small parts - my guess is that this was due to the danger of litigation if a child swallowed a piece. This same corporate fear may also explain why Crossbow and Blowpipe weren't available in Britain for very long...



Japan-only Designs


Pocket Games In a Box




Yo Yo


See Saw

Chinese Checkers

Solitaire-style game

Pachisi-style game


Spinning Tops



Objective: To move a ball around an obstacle course


Objective: To move a ball around a maze


A 3D maze
DragonTrapT.gif (8626 bytes) A timed maze
AmazingMazeT.gif (8294 bytes) Ball is moved using the wheel.


With the famous Timer

DragonTrapT.gif (8626 bytes)
SpaceInvasionT.gif (6564 bytes)
Pachinko2T.gif (8419 bytes)

LetterLooseT.gif (8135 bytes)
MotoCrossT.gif (8412 bytes)
CrackedCrabT.gif (7772 bytes)
TouchdownT.gif (8838 bytes)


Based on Video Games

Pac Man
MotoCrossT.gif (8412 bytes)
Various driving Games
SpaceInvasionT.gif (6564 bytes)
Space Invader

Catch A Caterpillar (based on Centipede)

based on Galaxian

King Kong (based on Donkey Kong)


Based on Popular Sport

MotoCrossT.gif (8412 bytes) Motor Racing Football PassThePuckT.gif (9138 bytes) Ice Hockey
Baseball Horse Racing Tennis
Basketball Boxing Ten Pin Bowling
Golf TouchdownT.gif (8838 bytes) American Football  
Fishing Cricket